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an excerpt from a book I’m currently reading, In Search of  Powder, by Jeremy Evans

"Everything else is stripped away-bills, career, social expectations-like peeling away bark and aiming for it’s core.  The popping continues, the bouncing from edge to edge, the smacking of your bases as they sink into another layer.  All you are left with is yourself, the mountain, and God’s greatest creation-snow.  With each turn, each pop, you eliminate excess from your life, like a soaked towel being squeezed. Once the excess is gone, you are left with the fabric of yourself, and it’s at that moment you are defined.  Riding powder is a cleansing ritual, a baptism.  You have effectively stripped yourself down to the essentials-you, your board or skis, and a mountain.  And it doesn’t matter if the mountain is located in Park City or Tahoe.  The lighter the powder, the better, the more plentiful, the better.  But this is feeling is what keeps you coming back.  You are anchored in a ski town because of this treasure chest, and you are the only pirate who truly appreciates it.  Everything is silent and the popping continues, the bounding continues.  Although chaos surrounds you-trees, rocks, cliffs, and speed-to be so intently focused while at the same time being charged with emotion is a special combination.  With each turn, you sink deeper and become more part of the earth and less part of the paychecks and utility bills.  Pop, pop, pop, everything is in perfect balance, all is in perfect harmony.  Then you get to the bottom and do it all over again."

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